Mission 2021

Jan 3, 2021    Keith Kelley
The year 2020 has given us much to think about in our personal lives and in our organizations. With the introduction to Covid-19, we have realized that we cannot control all of the variables. The government has exercised more authority than ever before. People have operated out of a position of FEAR more than anytime in our lifetime. Lockdown, mask up, and sanitize have become the norm. In the past, the name of the game was just do better than the other churches. Have bigger events, louder music, shorter sermons, more entertaining programs, etc… But these things were never enough to put a win on the scoreboard because more people and better programs were the wrong goal in the first place. It is about making disciples. It’s about the inner scoreboard that impacts the outer scoreboard. So, what does that mean for us at Calvary? We must remember why we are here and then focus on how to win in the moment.

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